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In winter 2020, a crew of friends ambitiously set sail across the Bay of Biscay in the middle of winter. Sandstorms, volcanoes, a pandemic and some Venuzelan pirates haven’t stopped them yet, and the voyage of Elixir continues.


The goal is to sail around the world, and share the experience of offshore sailing and travelling on a boat with as many people as possible.

Our journey began with a year in the boatyard. With the help of our amazing friends, and after countless hours of toil and graft — gathering paint stains and never quite evading the inescapable itch of fibreglass — Elixir emerged from the dust like a phoenix from the ashes.

To follow our journey so far, you can visit our Instagram, Blog and Youtube Channel. To soak up some sailing inspiration, listen to the series of podcasts we’ve recorded with the adventurous individuals we’ve met along the way. 

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The Spanish Lockdown

Los Christianos There’s a brief period of normality before things get weird again. After the Calima, it takes a few days for the dust to settle, and for the pace

We are barely recognisable, sheltering in our wet weather gear. My attention is gripped by a doomed mission to extract a piece of blue fluff from a small knotted section

La Graciosa The Calima caught us with our pants down. A violent gust, whistling through the rigging, wakes me at 4 am. I hate to get out of bed at

An S&S Swan 37

Elixir is a 1970 Sparkman & Stephens designed Swan 37. Born from a high pedigree of ocean cruisers, her sweeping tumble home highlights the era of yacht design. Originally, she was used as a racing yacht, until 1995, when she was purchased by Ian Chaston who cruised her extensively. He published a book on his travels in Elixir, titled ‘Rounding the horn‘, in which he describes his eventful solo rounding of Cape Horn. Ian continued to sail Elixir single-handed across the Atlantic into his 80’s, until sadly, in 2014, he passed away.


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