Max Campbell Portfolio

Ever since my journey to circumnavigate the world began, I have worked with a range of brands that promote adventure, travel, and ocean health. I love to work with companies committed to protecting the environment  businesses who place the social and environmental consequences of their decisions first, and strive to make changes towards a sustainable and circular future.

After graduating with a first-class degree in Oceanography, I spent some years working for several marine technology and renewable energy companies. In my free time, I have always enjoyed writing and photography.

To date I have written numerous eight-page editorials (images and copy) for Yachting World Magazine, Classic Boat Magazine, and Wavelength Magazine. I have worked with a range of brands, including swimwear, adventure clothing, artisanal gin and eco-resorts. 

As well as developing a brand around my sailing journey, I am also a Co-Founder of Wild Swimming Cornwall. Together with two friends, we self-published A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall, and since printing the book in June we have already sold several thousand copies. As well as publishing the book, we’ve also developed a brand that promotes a connection with nature, and using the ocean as a means to promote positive mental health. Find out more on our socials (@wildswimmingcornwall) or on our website.

As well as publishing my own book, I have also contributed chapters to Ocean Sailing: The Offshore Cruising Experience with Real-life Practical Advice by Paul Heiney, and Comprehensive Renewable Energy, 2nd Edition by Elsevier. After completing a single-handed North Atlantic circuit, I was also awarded Classic Boat Magazine’s ‘Yachtsman of the Year’ 2018. 


A theme consistent throughout my content is the idea of adventure and wanderlust. My goal is to share the feeling of connection I have with the ocean through photography, writing and video. The narrative of travelling on a sailing boat is an exciting story brands can use to open up a dialogue with their customers, ultimately increasing engagement.

Here are some examples of my work:


The Ruckraft is a floating drybag, originally designed for open water swimming adventures. It’s also incredibly useful for us, as it allows us to get ashore without having to launch the inflatable dinghy. These images were captured on remote islands in St Vincent and Panama, and are part of an ongoing collaboration with Above Below, the team behind the Ruckraft.


Riz boardshorts epitomise the idea of a circular model. The boardshorts, which are made from recycled plastic, are incredibly strong and well made. At the end of their life, the shorts can be returned to Riz, where they will be recycled again. Few brands that we’ve come across have made such a commitment to slow, sustainable fashion. These images, captured in St Vincent, Grenada, and the middle of the Atlantic, are part of an ongoing collaboration with Riz. 


True Blue is an Eco-Resort based in Grenada. Whilst staying on the island, we anchored Elixir in front of the hotel. We spent some time getting to know the friendly owners, learning about the sustainable building, energy generation and waste management systems in place. These images are from a short photoshoot during an afternoon at the resort. 


As well as creating content for brands, I have created several six to eight page editorials for a number of ocean-centric magazines. 


‘Caribbean Warmth’ was a seven page editorial about our experience of crossing The Atlantic to The Caribbean, a year after the outbreak of Coronavirus. We left with feelings of uncertainty, but were warmly welcomed into the islands of The Grenadines. 

August 2021 issue here.


The idea behind ‘Elixir of the High Seas’ was not only to tell the story of Elixir’s restoration and the journey so far, but to also give an insight into the transient community of surfers that exists on the high seas, and fit the theme of the issue which was ‘surf community’. 

Volume 261 available here.



‘Scilly Season’ was published in the midst of the first lockdown in the UK. The motivation was to promote sailing within the UK, through telling the story of a week-long trip to the Isles of Scilly. 

February 2021 issue here.