Ocean Sailing Podcast with 59 Degrees North

On The Wind: A Sailing Podcast with 59 Degrees North

I’d been speaking with Andy for a few months, loosely discussing plans to record a podcast about my story with Flying Cloud. Initially we had planned to have the conversation via Skype. I felt as if a lot of emotion, that could easily be conveyed in a face to face interaction, would be lost if the conversation took place remotely.

Fortunately, Andy told me he had a trip to London planned, where he would complete a week of interviews. He also asked if I knew of anywhere quiet in Central London, where we could sit and record a podcast for an hour. I called my friend Francis, and asked if I could borrow his cosy barge in Hammersmith for an hour. Generously, he said I could stay there for as long as I needed. So on a September afternoon, fresh from the mayhem of the tube, I met with Andy and Mia on the banks of the Thames. We made ourselves comfortable on Francis’ barge, and spent an hour discussing gnarly sailing stories, chasing dreams, and the beauty of S&S Swans.

Listen to the Podcast HERE.